Jack White, Gary Oldman, and Evan Peters

OMg, so hard! well…

Husband: Jack White  b/c he have pretty my age. I could go with him in tour, travel in the world

Best Friend: Evan Peters, a confident for me, have fun with him, eat kettle corn and watch Wall E. a funny best friend and sometimes when Jack and me are angry each other, I could have sex with Evan to comfort me!

Brother: Gary Oldman, I will be proud to have a brother like him. Talk about acting, movies and with him, I could meet Christian Bale (another lover for me)

2 years ago on 2 October 2012 ~ 1:24pm 3 notes
  1. thesearemy-obsessions said: You love Jack White too?! I went to a concert of his in September. A true legend!
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